Room Additions

Room Additions

Do you, like many people, often wish you had more space in your home? Perhaps you need it to store seasonal clothes or family valuables, like your children’s old toys you simply don’t want to throw away? Or perhaps you finally decided to treat yourself to a private gym or home spa? Whatever you motivation is, we are sure to give you an unparalleled room additions service.

With today’s state of the economy, any rational homeowner would prefer adding extra room to their home rather than buying a new one. It is much cheaper to add a new room than to acquire an entire house, and you get the chance to design the size you want instead of purchasing a home that has either smaller or bigger rooms than you like. Although it could sound easy, building room additions is not a cinch. The process of planning, designing and building an extra room requires extensive knowledge of a home remodeling professional like OC Remodel Center.

If your family needs more space, whether first or second story addition, bedroom addition, bathroom addition, garage addition or laundry room addition, among others, we are here to offer expert room additions service.

We have extensive experience in room additions in Orange County meaning that we can get the job done quickly and according to your domestic needs.

Personalized service

Our team consults you about the features and style you want to see in your finished room. Once we understand what you want, we create a comprehensive plan and design that incorporates all your ideas. We also ensure that your additional room adheres to your local building codes.

Top-quality materials

We are highly knowledgeable in the selection and purchase of building materials and products. We consult you when choosing the right materials and fixtures for your room addition project to ensure that you are fully satisfied. Since we have connections with the leading suppliers of building materials in Orange County, we offer you a broader selection and more competitive prices than anywhere else.

Exceptional attention to detail

Our skilled team pays attention to every detail of a project to create an appealing and dynamic living space that will surpass your expectations. We ensure that everything falls into place so that your addition looks exactly like part of the original structure. We work with you every step of the way, keeping you regularly updated.

Timely completion

We know how to run an orderly job site efficiently, which enables us to stay on time and budget. We assign the best professionals for your project, use state-of-the-art equipment and work full time to make sure that your additional room is ready on or before the set date.

OC Remodel Center can help you add an extra room in Orange County in any direction, shape, and size. Contact us today for any inquiries and additional information about your room addition project and we will help you realize your dream.