Ageing in Place

Aging in Place

You have built your dream home, filled it with happy memories of you, your family and friends. You invested in it, too, and you don’t have the need to leave. Don’t let old age force you to leave your home – prepare it and adapt it to accommodate your changed state. With our aging in place service, you can enjoy your retirement and senior years in your home, safely and independently.

Aging in place remodeling can come in handy in helping you to regain your self-esteem and live independently in your home. We understand that our clients love their homes and plan to age in them, and that is why we offer aging in place remodeling services in Orange County.

OC Remodel Center strives to create homes that are accessible to older and less mobile individuals. We help homeowners who are elderly, disabled, or those with family members who would like to make their home safer, more comfortable and more accessible.

High level of expertise

We are certified aging in place specialists who are properly trained in the unique needs of the elderly and people with disabilities. Our highly experienced experts can help create a comfortable, safe and independent life right in your house using the universal design principles. Our professionals are trained in determining accessibility issues, common remodeling projects and costs, as well as the construction codes and standards. By hiring our renovation services, you can rest assured that we will craft the best solutions to meet your needs.

Wide range of services

During the many years that we have been working with the elderly and physically challenged people in Orange County, we have gained vast experience in a broad range of accessible designs including:

  • Installing comfort-height toilets
  • Widening door openings
  • Replacing tubs with showers
  • Lowering closet accessories
  • Making appliances easily accessible
  • Adding grab bars in bathrooms
  • Installing kitchen drawers and pull out shelves
  • Adding lighting
  • Creating step-less entrances
  • Replacing doorknobs with levers among others

Customized remodeling

Starting from our first consultation all the way through the end of the project, we work with you in planning, designing and creating a comfortable space that will meet all your needs and fit your budget. Where you don’t have feasible ideas, we give you advice on the aging in place designs that can best suit your unique requirements.

Top-grade products and materials

Our primary objective is to ensure that your home is safe, accessible and comfortable today and tomorrow. For this reason, we only use top-quality building products and materials thanks to our good connection with the leading dealers and suppliers. We use these materials to create a home that will last as long as possible and meet all your needs.

If you have an elderly relative, or you just want to make your home ready for the future, contact OC Remodel Center today and we will be happy to help.